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By iansamit with Looking for illustrator (s), in Literature & Fiction (www)
5th April 2012

Hi All,

I've been developing a 25 unit phonics course tailored for Thai students for a few years now. A few months ago, I decided that the course really needs a set of graded readers to get the kids reading more than just single words or sentences.

I approached one of the teachers that my foundation supports to see if her husband would be interested in illustrating the books, and at first, things seemed to be going well, if a little slowly. Then recently, I found out through the "grapevine" that he really does not want to continue.

So, I am looking for an artist/illustrator to help continue the project.

We are a small charity, based in Thailand, and all of our materials are released with a Creative Commons license, so I'm afraid I cannot offer any financial incentive.

However, we do have eight schools in our pilot project, which amounts to about 2000 students all up, and early data on the course's effect on both literacy and listening skills is very promising.

The illustrations for the first two books are simple line drawings, scanned into the computer and cleaned up a little. However, I would be interested in any style of 2D or 3D artwork that would appeal to primary school age children.

The first three books only contain 6 pages of content, with an illustration for each page. Book 4 expands to 8 pages, and Book 5 to 11 pages. That's as far as I've written so far.

Because the language in the early books is so limited, a lot of the story needs to be told through the artwork, so perhaps "illustration" is not the best term. In any case, as I write the text, I write detailed descriptions of the content of the artwork as a guide for the illustrator. In fact the descriptions are generally longer than the text!

So, if anybody is interested in collaborating please let me know. As well as helping out with a worthy project (imnsho), you would have your work enjoyed by at least a couple of thousand children, and hopefully many many more.

5 Apr 2012

Example of existing artwork

Example of existing artwork
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