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Fresh design concept begun.
By Moult from KDE Website Redesign - A redesign for the official KDE website rebranding effort.
4th February 2010

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This fresh design was based on the current KDE website. Although obviously unfinished a few new design ideas were thrown in and it was a start - albeit a very small one.

This image has been scaled down, click to view the image full size.Fresh design concept begun. (attachment #1)


Guest says:

Artsy circles camouflaging letters is an aggravation and impairs reading. Blue is a short wave length and is harder to read. Pale blue, more so, like the Continue reading link. Consider a non-white background, Wheat for example.

Moult says:

By the way, the KDE website was released today (http://kde.org/) and hopefuly that solves some of these problems ;)

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