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Designing midevil-like environment, can't decide: animation or game...
By nbernardini from Uncategorised Updates - Updates that are not part of a long-term project
13th November 2011

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Blender 2.5, Maya 11, Motion 5, FCP X, PS CS5, Audacity, GarageBand (there's more involved, just not listing).

Download buildinga.blend

Size: 1.31 MB
Date: 13th November 2011


Moult says:

I checked out the videos from the other updates, and I think you should start with an animation first to get used to 3D before touching game logic.

nbernardini says:

Thanks for the feedback! I've made simple games in blender before but I agree with you. Would having drug paraphernalia in an animation be inappropriate? I am obsessed with "blowing glass" water pipes and creating realistic looking "bud". Its just damn interesting to me. Should I even pursue? I have several renders of such things and my friends think its cool, wanna check em out?

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